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streetscribbles's Journal


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made from the heart by bk11, who's on my team. :) The banner sums it all up. I scribble . . . and I'm from the streets. ;D And I enjoy hot people.

I'm Betty, I'm twenty something . . . ish. From California. Music, movies, food, friends and . . . yeah, fandom. The LJ is for fandom ramblings, music/pop culture talk, pictures, more fandom ramblings, randomness, mentionings/pictures that ultimately show you food/music is my life. I'm into Harry Potter, too. D/Hr is also okay. I guess I write it. ;P Among other things. Harry P is my main thing, but I LOVE The Office, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy (up to Season 3 :P), Boy Meets World, and The Simpsons. :)

But, I'm also so much more than that. If I friend you, I genuinely try to be your friend. If I eat (which I do, a lot), I will more than likely photograph it and post it at one point or another. If I hear a song that changes my life - I'll try to make it change yours. I'm cultural, smarter than some people (but not others), and down for whatever.

And I most def. can touch this.

Also, hi, Ron is my favorite Weasley. :)

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